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Welcome to Island Eddie's Design: Tshirts, Aloha Shirts & Sweatshirts

Welcome to Island Eddie's Design: Tshirts, Aloha Shirts & Sweatshirts

Welcome to Island Eddie's Design: Tshirts, Aloha Shirts & Sweatshirts Welcome to Island Eddie's Design: Tshirts, Aloha Shirts & Sweatshirts

Unique Art on T-Shirts

Introduction to Mr. George Kargianis

My name is Eddie Dean, President of Eddie Dean Apparel. I would like to introduce you to Mr. George Kargianis, a distinguish lawyer in the Seattle area. What makes Mr. Kargianis interesting, is that not only is he a distinguish lawyer, he is a unique and exceptional artist and poet. 

Mr. Kargianis and Eddie Dean have created a partnership to bring you Mr. Kargianis art on soft high quality T-shirts. So, not only are you purchasing unique art, you are receiving quality apparel. 

Included with the purchase of the T-shirt is a poem created specifically by Mr. Kargianis for each artwork design. A truly unique experience.. Throughout the year we will be introducing new works by Mr. Kargianis. In addition, we will be introducing special editions of his art. These are really cool t shirts!

Local Artist and Poet;Mr. George Kargianis

Mr. George Kargianis

Unique art and poetry



Unique art Angel

Heaven and earth look

on in wonder

And awe as

the Angel of

hope and love

Spreads her wings of

Gold and silver

Soon to manifest herself

in silver snowflakes

And golden sunsets

Bringing color and love to

To the earth to

Observe the winter




Unique art Koa

As the moon

waxes full

The carp ,

drawn by its


rise from their

watery domaine to the



that reflects

the softly

glowing Moon

Up, Upwards they rise

Beyond their liquid close

All constraints

of gravity

Suspended , rising ever


Carrying their vivid

Colors ever higher and

Higher until they reach

the outward

Boundary of


That Embraces

the night sky ...

There to join , to blend ,

to add

their vivid colors to ...

The sparkling Jewels

of the starlit

sky ...



Unique art Lassoed

His stallion heart....

Still independent

and free

Fought the

restraints a true commitment

would entail

As he prepared

to bolt

one more time,

Her lariat

of perfect ,

Unselfish love

enveloped him

Calming his

restless soul

And bringing

him the true happiness he

Sought in vain

So rewarded , he stood serene


the placement of

the bit and


It's Evening

It's Evening

Unique art It is evening

As the last glow of twilight fades

The Goddess Night

Comes forth to

survey her domain

As she moves

Across the sky , she scattered countless stars

Throughout the firmament

Satisfied with the diamond like sparkle they impart

She pauses and calls forth her

Lover Moon

to share the

night sky with Her

He rises full blown from the east

And together , close as only true lovers

Can be , they move Westward

As they bathe the land and seas below

with their heavenly


Then , all too soon

Moon sets over

the Western rim...

Leaving Night in that intense pre dawn darkness that

Only the rising

sun can dispel